Service Repair & Inspections

Seattle Food Truck Builders is a complete service food truck company. We perform routine maintenance, service and inspections on all types of mobile kitchens and their equipment. Don’t be stranded with a mob of hungry customers and broken or unsafe equipment.

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Considering a Food Truck Purchase?

Having a preliminary inspection can save you thousands of dollars in obtaining a Washington State L&I Certification

  • Mobile Food Truck Repair
  • Mobile Kitchen Maintenance
  • Water Heater Repair/Replacement
  • Gas Pipe Leak Repair
  • Water Tank Leak Repair
  • Exhaust Fan Repair/Replacement
  • Cooking Equipment Repair
  • Food Truck Electrical Service
  • Food Truck Plumbing Service
  • Fire Suppression System Service & Inspection
  • Metal Works / Fabrication Service
  • Fixing your Food Truck to comply with L&I requirements particularly those manufactured outside of Washington State